Vocabulary Practice

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Vocabulary Practice

Post by Mr.Teacher on Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:34 pm

Fill in the blank.
We got up ________ Saturday. ________ was going to take us to _______ in the lake. Fish would be good to eat for ________. My ________ and I got our fishing stuff. Mon asked if we were going to eat before we went fishing. _______ said that we could get ________ at Joe's Resturant.
When we got to the resturant it was _______ because _______ forgot to order ________. We went to the _______ and started to _______ anyway. My ________ caught a four pound ________. We took it ________ and Mom ________ it. It was the best _______ we had had in a long time. _______ said she wanted to go next time.

Help your student read the story. Do not fill in the blanks for them. As you re-read ask them to fill in the blank and you can help with spelling only. When the blanks are filled re-read the story. Ask if your student wants to make any changes in the blanks. Don't make suggestions. Read the final story together.
Note changes in the story that the words make that were placed in the blanks, but don't be critical if the words don't go with the story. You might want to ask why they used a word to check for understanding. Have them tell you the story without looking. How closely can they follow the story? Don't get hung up on imagination.
Make up a short story with blanks that can be mostly filled in from the words and ideas in the story. Repeat above steps. If the student is unable to use the words in the story and ideas to fill in the blanks, first go over the words used and why and then discuss what might best go in the blanks to follow the story. See if they can tell you the story.

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