Hi from PA

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Hi from PA

Post by SandyLee on Tue May 26, 2009 12:53 pm

I found this discussion forum this morning and see it needs a little help today. I spend so much time on Facebook and lately at TCU (The Conservative Undergound). I am supporter of all-things-Christian even though I'm not a staunch Christian myself. I believe in God and the Bible and will defend it till my end. I am alarmed at the direction our country is headed and am doing my best to keep people educated with news posts on Facebook and TCU. I am also an active member with the DNA (Digital Network Army). There are many more like me (obviously). I also donate weekly to NOM (National Organization for Marriage). I have been informed that the battle for SSM will be arriving in my State soon. I will not sit idle and will participate to the best of my ability to help prevent that from becoming law here. I will do my best to participate here as well since I believe the Internet is our greatest tool to rapidly relay important info because we obviously cannot expect to be kept informed by the media in general.

Have a great day! Very Happy


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