One World Government - It isn't merely a conspiracy any longer

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One World Government - It isn't merely a conspiracy any longer

Post by Luke Wolf on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:58 pm

I thought that this was farther off then it is... But its time for people to wake up and smell the ashes of the dawn they themselves have created through their complacency. For years we have been in an undeclared police state (the patriot act was only to cover their rear), this most recent declaration by the DOHS, has brought me to action. I was as much shocked by it as by the fact that the one-worlders were able to march openly, specifically France and China with their plans for a "New World Order" and a One world currency (wake up and connect the dots people). One world Currency is the first visible sign of an impending one world government. I thought that our "leader" wouldn't go for this even though his backer is unless there was a massive crisis, but I guess I was wrong.

Just what is a "right-wing extremist" that the DOHS can declare one a terrorist even though the left has been denying the Taliban as being terrorists? Why do they get that title and yet the real ones do not? If you have not figured it out already, it is a blank label, one that they can place on anyone who opposes them, especially if their views are even slightly to the right of their own. I suspect that they might even stage false "acts of terrorism" just to stir the populace against those who do not fall in line.

We hold little chance at stopping this, especially as this is probably falling in line with prophesy, still it is our duty as Christians to oppose this to fight it, lest we accept the chains that are rattling on the floor of the world court. If nothing else we must be alert and be prepared; One event, one crisis could send this abomination into realization.

Luke Wolf

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Re: One World Government - It isn't merely a conspiracy any longer

Post by QueenBee on Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:13 pm

Thank you Lone Wolf, I am glad that you have brought this to this discussion board. People do need to hear this, but so many are blind, and deaf. We can only pray that their eyes and ears will be open.

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