"No More Taxes for Nothing"

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"No More Taxes for Nothing"

Post by Mr.Teacher on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:04 pm

“NO MORE TAXES for NOTHING!” Are you out there; are you listening, I agree. Taxes, who needs them? Public schools and children, who needs them?
I have been asked to speak on the topic Are our public school children an expense or an investment in the future? We don’t have kids and they don’t go to school. Why should we pay? We are all independently wealthy and can afford to pay for police, fire, health, custodial, and any other services we might desire or need. We don’t need or want public transportation, housing, or a free education for children. Places of higher learning and/or training are of no use to us. Why should we pay for these and other costly services and programs that we don’t benefit from. We want to save our money and use it on ourselves. “No More Taxes for Nothing!”
In terms of cost, if one considers only the taxes paid by individuals who make more money, the benefits to the state and therefore indirectly to the individual are huge.
• Over 50 billion dollars in taxes lost on 23 million high school drop-outs ages 18-67 annually.
• Over 192 billion dollars (1.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product) income/taxes lost annually with each group of 18-year-old dropouts.
• In 2004, almost 60 billion lost from health-related issues from dropouts.
• Improving educational services could save around 9 billion yearly for recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and housing assistance.
• Raising the completion rate by 1% for ages 20-60 could save 1.4 billion in reduced crime cost.
• Pre-school education can save 7 dollars per every 1 dollar spent.
• Increased educational levels results in higher voter participation and involvement in citizenship issues.
“No More Taxes for Nothing!” This is a bottom line cost comparison between educated and the dropout.
• In 2006, a male dropout (junior high) about $14,000 less per year than a graduate. That is about half million less in a lifetime.
• A male dropout (senior high) earned about $10,000 less or around 1/3 of a million.
• A male will earn around $22,000 less annually than a college graduate. This amounts to ¾ a million over a lifetime.
• Advanced education shows similar gains.
• Female dropouts suffer similar problems.
Good money sense clearly shows a “cost path” between the educated/uneducated and you. We want to save our money and use it on ourselves. “No More Taxes for Nothing!” A strong economy results in the development of intra-structure. A literate nation preserves rights and liberties. Lessons from history remind us of the Indians of South America. We destroyed their books of knowledge. Hitler destroyed millions of books. Bibles are destroyed by the millions today. People of knowledge and learning have been killed throughout the ages. People of all ages brainwashed and governments have controlled all aspects of life and have turned on their own people.
Are our public school children an expense or an investment in the future? A child has the whole world in his hands. Do you remember Jonas Salk, Thurgood Marshall, Colin Powell, Rosalynn Carter, Walter Cronkite, and/or Donna Reed.
These public school graduates may not have been related to you, but they changed the world we live in. The doctor that performed a procedure on you may have come from that same system. The pilot that gets you to your vacation destination on time may thank the mechanic that fixed an unseen problem that resulted in a safe flight. Both may not be relatives, but they may have come from that system you don’t want to invest in.
Are you your brother’s keeper? Some of us remember Boys Town and the child that stated, “He ain’t heavy Father, he’s my brother.” Two “cost paths” are available. Failure to invest leads to higher crime, poverty, and welfare. Investment leads to law-abiding, tax-paying, productive citizens that could save the life of you or someone that you care for. Investing in our public school children is an expense that makes good money sense for you. Invest today and save money for you.

Are our public school children an expense or an investment in the future? Clearly, there are two “cost paths.”
One leads to higher crime, poverty, and welfare; while the other leads to law-abiding, tax-paying, productive citizens that could save your life or someone that you care for. Invest today and save for you. Could you afford to lose $300 billion dollars? “$300 billion,” is that “NOTHING!” Invest and save this amount and more for you and for the future.

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