Sarah Palin... A refreshing choice

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Sarah Palin... A refreshing choice

Post by nazman on Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:59 pm

As McCain has picked is VP... I believe it is a good conservative choice. Yes, there are experience issues, but at least they are no Washington issues. She is a fresh face and a reforming with very good and strong Christian values. I hope she is not punished for being pro-life... as it seems like no one is punished politically for being pro-choice. She is from a good hard working family... You can see her husband is a working man. I think she brings more to the table than Obama wanted to have to fight. It would have been easy for him to fight another rich washington politician, but now he an Biden must be careful not to offend... or they will fire up the right wing like never before. I think McCain made a wonderful choice that truly does offer a change in our government. What a Face

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